• 7.00am Millie’s House 19 Kedzie Ave opens
    Family grouping as children are settled for breakfast time.
    Inside free play for those who have had breakfast
  • 8.00am Outdoor play area opened- Learning through play in both the indoors or outdoors following the interests of the child and where it takes them.
  • 10.00 Circle group time, then rolling morning tea starts
  • 11.15 Planned activities around children’s learning goals and interests are offered
  • 12.00 Karakia and lunch
    Sleep/ rest time with quiet activities for any non-sleepers
  • 2.30 As children awake indoor activities are offered
  • 2.45 Rolling afternoon tea commences
  • 4.45 Learning through play indoors and out
  • 5.15 Late snack and winding down of days’ activities.
    Books and quiet time
  • 6.00pm Millie’s House closes