Pre-kindergarten age

As your child approaches kindergarten age, they will begin learning skills to ready them for a classroom setting.

Our qualified teachers focus everyday activities on preparing your children for future learning and development.

Daily work is challenging and engaging. Written numbers, printing, computer skills, math and music will all be studied. Time outside to reward all the hard work is also part of our day.

Our environment is a space designed for the success of each child with age-appropriate materials and expectations. Our goal is to provide each child with the tools they need to be successful throughout their educational future.

We feel our program sets a sound foundation for their learning. We take each child’s abilities into consideration when developing our goals for their success. Once children leave our Pre-K program, they can count to 100, recognize/write their first and last name without having to trace it, recognize their colors and shapes. Some children leave the program reading. Each child is different and excels in their own way. We like to identify that and scaffold them to reach the next step and build self-confidence.

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