Two to Three


Two to Three Year Olds

Your 2-3 year old is ready to absorb all the knowledge we can provide them!

Their classroom is an engaging space both indoors and out allowing full individual development as well as social interactions. In addition to a full day of engaging activities, your child is served three balanced meals and have a full 2 hours designated for rest and relaxation to support healthy social and emotional growth. It is also at this age, and as your child shows signs of readiness, that the teachers work closely with parents to facilitate toilet training success.

Planned curriculum by our knowledgeable teachers expands your child’s curiosity and focuses on teaching your little one colors, shapes and number concepts through fun and engaging activities. We also encourage social-emotional development with self-help skills, good manners and cooperative play with peers.

Daily Reading: Age-appropriate books, puppet shows and flannel stories to support listening, language, and a love of reading.
Literacy & Language: Drawing and writing, singing, storytelling and open-ended conversations.
Math Concepts: Counting, sorting by physical characteristics, and patterning with varied manipulatives.
Art Activities: painting, music, dance and pretend play to spark creativity.
Sensory Play: Natural and everyday objects to encourage exploration through sight, touch, smell and taste to entice curiosity.
Outdoor Play: Routine time outside at our on-site playground to explore nature and inspire motor and physical development.

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