Millie’s House Philosophy


Our Philosophy

Millie’s House Daycare & Preschool focuses on the development of the whole child. We strive to create warm classrooms where the care and education for each child is of the utmost importance.

During the first five years of life, children need constant attention and stimulation to promote their growth.
Here at Millie’s House, their days are filled with music, books, art projects, sensory and science exploration, math lessons, small and large motor stimulation and social interaction.

Our goal is to help each child during these early years by giving them the essentials they need to grow into a questioning, knowledgeable, self-confident individual.

Our key operating tenets include:
• Building independent and confident learners.
• Community building.
• Accepting of others.
• Warm and caring environment.
• Fun and stimulating activities.
• A home away from home feel for our school.
• Where parents and children feel safe and appreciated.
• We focus on taking each family’s thoughts into consideration when making decisions that are going to impact their child’s learning.
• Being open minded.
• Accepting of other ways of seeing things.
• The children are our priority.
• Setting the foundation for the children’s academic success.
• Being a school that is recognized and respected within the community and amongst other Early Learning Centers.

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