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What makes Millie’s House Fun? The children and the teachers of course!

The environment that teachers create that is rich in materials and hands on opportunities for exploration and development through play-based learning approaches. Children are the leaders of their creativity and that is what makes it so individualized and FUN! When children lead their learning, their interest is always more focused and in turn the concept is well received.

At Millie’s House fun is part of our day. When children are not singing and dancing, they are playing outside in our gorgeous playground.

Although activities can vary across centers, each month we have events that promote parent/family involvement. Such events include:

• We have our Winter Wonder Fest. During the fest children can indoor skate on an aluminum sheet, throw soft cotton snowballs at each other, make a bright star ornament out of popsicle sticks and so much more.

• At our Parent Child Breakfast, children have an opportunity to eat breakfast with anyone special in their family. The children really enjoy having loved ones to enjoy a tasty breakfast with.

• During our Art Exhibition the school is transformed into an art gallery and all the children’s work is featured in each classroom. Children LOVE walking around the school admiring the different art created by their fellow classmates but especially showing off their one of a kind masterpieces.

• We celebrate the Week of the Young Child. During this week teacher’s focus on a theme each day to align with the book assigned for that week.

• We also love to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week During Teacher Appreciation Week we focus on making our teacher’s feel extra special. We pick something each day to treat them to. Sweets on a Monday, like donuts, popcorn Tuesday, lunch Wednesday and so on.

• Our Mother’s Day Spa is an event to be experienced. Mothers are welcomed into each child’s classroom and treated to massages, hair and makeup, manicures, stories, hugs and endless smiles and love.

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