Three to Four


Three to Four Year Olds

Your 3-4 year old is rapidly evolving into a young gentleman or lady. We are here to help prepare them for the future and beyond.

Our preschool classroom continues to be child centered and play based but introduces and encourages letter and number concepts as well as printing and reading readiness. These are taught through fun and stimulating activities planned by our knowledgeable teachers in areas including art, science, dramatic play, computer time and outdoor fun. In addition to a full day of enriching activities, your child is served three balanced meals and has a full 2 hours designated for rest and relaxation to support healthy social and emotional growth.

Our preschool curriculum is designed to be fun and exciting yet challenging, encouraging the children to be active learners. Small and large group child-led activities encourage cooperative play and foster healthy relationships, while our teacher-led activities expose the children to new experiences and expand their learning. The focus of learning has expanded in preschool to include cognitive skills including problem-solving, cause and effect, and connecting experiences.

Daily Reading: Age-appropriate and topic related books, puppet shows and flannel stories to support listening, language, and a love of reading as well expand upon classroom lesson plans.
Literacy & Language: Independent Drawing and writing, singing, story dictation and open-ended conversations.
Math Concepts: Number recognition and recall, counting, sorting, and patterning as well as basic math concepts of more/less than or addition/subtraction are introduced.
Art Activities: painting, music, dance and pretend play to spark creativity.
Sensory Play: Natural and everyday objects to encourage exploration through sight, touch, smell and taste to enhance curiosity and exploration.
Outdoor Play: Routine time outside at our on-site playground to explore nature and inspire motor and physical development.
Technology: Children have access to utilize educational sites through limited optional screen-time. All children are provided an ABC Mouse account to use at school and at home.
Home-School Connection: Family Activities are sent home weekly to encourage school and home connection with learning.

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