A Day In The Life


Our routine is flexible, meaning that from time to time, we will adapt the day to meet the needs of the children and to make the best use of the learning opportunities available to us.

This is a general routine to give you an idea of the shape to our day, but for your child specifically, and how we would meet their routine needs, talk to us.

  • 7.00am Millie’s House 19 Kedzie Ave opens
    Family grouping as children are settled for breakfast time.
    Inside free play for those who have had breakfast
  • 8.00am Outdoor play area opened- Learning through play in both the indoors or outdoors following the interests of the child and where it takes them.
  • 10.00 Circle group time, then rolling morning tea starts
  • 11.15 Planned activities around children’s learning goals and interests are offered
  • 12.00 Karakia and lunch
    Sleep/ rest time with quiet activities for any non-sleepers
  • 2.30 As children awake indoor activities are offered
  • 2.45 Rolling afternoon tea commences
  • 4.45 Learning through play indoors and out
  • 5.15 Late snack and winding down of days’ activities.
    Books and quiet time
  • 6.00pm Millie’s House closes